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I am a professional face painter in Daviess County serving Northwest Missouri. I would love to help make your next event a success! Fill out the form or call 208-272-1728 to book your party!

Heidi Condie


Two great events this Saturday! Both are for a good cause!

Emily and I will be painting at these events tomorrow, Saturday November 1st! Both are great family activities and help reset little minds on something other than candy. Come support the troops at Kondas Dental then shimmy on down to Sidney and attend Karing for Karrah. Mention this post AT either event and I’ll give you a special treat of my own!HCBB_Flyer Flyer for Karrah

Halloween Painty Fun

I am having So Much Fun with all the painting requests this Halloween! Here are a few I’ve done this past week:

How cute is this mother and son?! Er, witch and tin soldier!

witch tin soldier face paint DSCN2173 witch face paint witch tree face paint

This Minecraft Creeper was done in two minutes! They were late for a party so I just painted this little guy and his brother as fast as possible.

creeper face paint

This fall fairy took a bit more time because I had no idea what I was going to paint and I extemporize very slowly. Luckily, this gal is not a six year old and can sit still! I wasn’t sure if I liked it until I added the bright green highlights and gold Liquid Bling. Then I loved it. You can’t tell in the picture, but the golden brown base is actually a shimmer base. So pretty.

Fall fairy face paint

What do you get when you are running late for a party and still building costumes for six people? A quickie sugar skull. Here’s a picture of myself after the party. Ignore the hair.


Miami County Fall Farm Fest and The Tent That Blew



Last Saturday was beautiful and breezy out at Lost Creek Reserve. Emily and I arrived early to give us plenty of time to set up and make our spot pretty. It looked great!

face painting tent setup

Homemade windcatcher

When we initially set up, the breeze was pretty light so we put up curtains for traffic flow. It has worked great in the summer. The autumnal winds picked up 15 minutes after this picture was taken and lifted our tent out of the ground, sending it cartwheeling toward the pumpkin patch. Thankfully, our large tent/kite took flight before the event opened so nobody was in it’s flight path. One of the legs crumpled. One kindly early-bird family saw our predicament and helped us capture it and set our area to rights. Thank you, mystery family!

sugar skull face paint

Once families started to trickle in, we stayed busy the entire time! As soon as we caught up, another group would get in line. 🙂 It was great!  After two or three hours, I started to lose feeling in my fingers from exposure to the wind and cold water. My super terrific husband brought us hand warmers so I could hold those after painting each kiddo. Those saved me.

face painting kit setup

That’s me. Cold.

Emily tried her hand at line managing instead of painting this time. She did beautifully. She took payments and wrote their choice on a post-it. All I had to do was read and paint. It saved a bunch of time between kids. Emily even played games like Simon Says with everyone in line to make the wait easier. She had both parents and children smiling and laughing.

line manager face painting

Emily. Also cold.

We painted a total of 7 1/2 hours and made a record number of sales. The clouds were closing in and the wind picked up even more as we packed up.  Our faces were windburned and our fingers were icy, but we went home happy with the day. We put lots of happy smiles onto kid’s faces. The Lost Creek Reserve was beautiful. The event staff were helpful and friendly. Definitely going back next year! My only regret is not taking more pictures. Here are a couple that I did manage to take:

DSCN2146 DSCN2149 DSCN2140 tree fall autumn face paint

Dayton Parent Magazine Kid’s Fun Fest!

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to paint at Dayton Parent Magazine’s 1 year anniversary bash. Incredibly easy to work with, they get a big thumbs up for making everything easy for us!! We were met at the vendor loading area with a trolley and escort to our booth location. A table and tablecloth had already been setup with sign and coupons. I love coupons. We were checked on periodically throughout the day and Katy Mark even delivered some FUDGE. Woo hoo!

Heidi Condie Shiny Happy Faces face painting ohio miami county

Thank you, Katy!!

We offered our Fast Faces choices plus we tried something new. The other face painter for the event was unable to attend at the last minute. Concerned about the number of kids that would want to be painted, we tried to “Beat the Clock” painting as many simple Frozen faces as we could before the song “Let It Go” ended. In that three and a half minute song, we painted over 15 kids!! Mind you, it wasn’t the most stellar quality (something’s gotta give) but we painted so many more kids and they were happy so I’ll call it a win. We did it again with mustaches to the song “Everything Is Awesome!” an hour later. Some looked like super villains while others had a Fu Manchu or pencil mustaches. I WISH I had a picture of that lineup! We painted at least 20 people, maybe more since parents started jumping in too. I love it when parents join in the fun!

Here are a couple of cuties from the day:

flowers face paint ohio butterfly face paint ohio frozen snowflakes pink face painter ohio dinosaur dragon horns face paint ohio

The little girl with the flowers really wanted to get her face painted, but was too afraid and left. She had a change of heart and her sweet mother waited AGAIN so she could be painted. The design was a bit crooked from flinching but she was so brave and so happy when she was done! Just look at that smile!

Feeling Official…I’m a Certified Professional Face Painter!

Heidi Condie CPF Professional face painter

Last week, I completed CPF certification through the Ohio Face Painter’s Guild! What IS CPF?? Every time I see it, I think “Can Paint Faces”! Almost. It stands for Certified Professional Face Painter. In an industry with no government regulation, the face painting community has taken it upon themselves to set an industry standard for cleanliness, professionalism, artistry and safety. Here’s a bit from the Ohio Face Painter’s website:Heidi Condie skull face paint

A C.P.F. is an artist who has gone through a rigorous examination, where they were judged on skill levels as well as safety, and hygiene. With certification we have ensured that they carry full liability insurance, and have passed a police background check.

Now you have one more reason to feel comfortable inviting me into your homes and businesses! All you have to worry about is the cake…

A Very Minnie Birthday!

I had lots of fun at a family party last week, celebrating the birthday of two little girls. The most requested design was a full face zebra! Even with running around and a jump house, the makeup held up pretty well. Such an adorable family and the boys even carried our gear to the car afterward!

Tipp City Kid’s Art Adventure CRAZINESS!

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We had one major learning experience this last weekend in our home town! Tipp City’s Art Council put on a spectacular event on Saturday. For a low entry fee, over 25 art booths offered light sabre making, cupcake decorating, paper arts, and (of course) face painting! Our booth was set up right by the entrance and we had a line formed immediately.

Emily and I painted fast and furiously for four hours, trying to get as many kids painted as possible. The line was unreal. Some people waited for 1.5 hours for our face painting. YOUCH! I saw Startroopers by the entrance, but what I really needed was a clone. Or three. The event had people checking on us, asking if we needed a break. I would just look at the line and say, “No thanks!” The event even had snacks for us…which we happily ate on our way home. We are going to try a take-a-number system this coming weekend in St. Mary’s to try to defray the long wait time. I also made a new menu board with simpler faces for this type of event. Every design on there can be done in under 2 minutes! We’ll see how it goes.

We debuted curtain panels on the canopy in an effort at crowd control (and because curtains are pretty). They worked well until a wind picked up and kept blowing them onto our heads. I think I heard Emily growl…

Speaking of growling, our last kiddo of the day was the little tiger pictured. She wore my Last In Line sash and took her duties very seriously. She politely told anyone who tried to get in line to toddle off and pointed to her sash. Good job!

All in all, a terrific event!

Troy Streets Alive!

Wow! Another great event in downtown Troy, but it was HOT HOT HOT! My paints melted in the late afternoon sun! Many thanks to the kind people at Samozrejme who let me cool off between faces to avoid heat stroke. Despite the weather, Emily and I met a lot of families and kept busy painting. Our new Mystery Photo Op design (basically I get to come up with something new and take a picture for a cheek-art price) was a hit. By far the most popular design? Fairy eyes tied with Frozen!

Some of our Mystery Photo Op faces:

DSCN1161 DSCN1163 DSCN1157 DSCN1159