Tipp City Kid’s Art Adventure CRAZINESS!

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We had one major learning experience this last weekend in our home town! Tipp City’s Art Council put on a spectacular event on Saturday. For a low entry fee, over 25 art booths offered light sabre making, cupcake decorating, paper arts, and (of course) face painting! Our booth was set up right by the entrance and we had a line formed immediately.

Emily and I painted fast and furiously for four hours, trying to get as many kids painted as possible. The line was unreal. Some people waited for 1.5 hours for our face painting. YOUCH! I saw Startroopers by the entrance, but what I really needed was a clone. Or three. The event had people checking on us, asking if we needed a break. I would just look at the line and say, “No thanks!” The event even had snacks for us…which we happily ate on our way home. We are going to try a take-a-number system this coming weekend in St. Mary’s to try to defray the long wait time. I also made a new menu board with simpler faces for this type of event. Every design on there can be done in under 2 minutes! We’ll see how it goes.

We debuted curtain panels on the canopy in an effort at crowd control (and because curtains are pretty). They worked well until a wind picked up and kept blowing them onto our heads. I think I heard Emily growl…

Speaking of growling, our last kiddo of the day was the little tiger pictured. She wore my Last In Line sash and took her duties very seriously. She politely told anyone who tried to get in line to toddle off and pointed to her sash. Good job!

All in all, a terrific event!

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