Dayton Parent Magazine Kid’s Fun Fest!

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to paint at Dayton Parent Magazine’s 1 year anniversary bash. Incredibly easy to work with, they get a big thumbs up for making everything easy for us!! We were met at the vendor loading area with a trolley and escort to our booth location. A table and tablecloth had already been setup with sign and coupons. I love coupons. We were checked on periodically throughout the day and Katy Mark even delivered some FUDGE. Woo hoo!

Heidi Condie Shiny Happy Faces face painting ohio miami county
Thank you, Katy!!

We offered our Fast Faces choices plus we tried something¬†new.¬†The other face painter for the event was unable to attend at the last minute. Concerned about the number of kids that would want to be painted, we tried to “Beat the Clock” painting as many simple Frozen faces as we could before the song “Let It Go” ended. In that three and a half minute song, we painted over 15 kids!! Mind you, it wasn’t the most stellar quality (something’s gotta give) but we painted so many more kids and they were happy so I’ll call it a win. We did it again with mustaches to the song “Everything Is Awesome!” an hour later. Some looked like super villains while others had a Fu Manchu or pencil mustaches. I WISH I had a picture of that lineup! We painted at least 20 people, maybe more since parents started jumping in too. I love it when parents join in the fun!

Here are a couple of cuties from the day:

flowers face paint ohio butterfly face paint ohio frozen snowflakes pink face painter ohio dinosaur dragon horns face paint ohio

The little girl with the flowers really wanted to get her face painted, but was too afraid and left. She had a change of heart and her sweet mother waited AGAIN so she could be painted. The design was a bit crooked from flinching but she was so brave and so happy when she was done! Just look at that smile!

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