Heidi Condie CPF Professional face painter

Last week, I completed CPF certification through the Ohio Face Painter’s Guild! What IS CPF?? Every time I see it, I think “Can Paint Faces”! Almost. It stands for Certified Professional Face Painter. In an industry with no government regulation, the face painting community has taken it upon themselves to set an industry standard for cleanliness, professionalism, artistry and safety. Here’s a bit from the Ohio Face Painter’s website:Heidi Condie skull face paint

A C.P.F. is an artist who has gone through a rigorous examination, where they were judged on skill levels as well as safety, and hygiene. With certification we have ensured that they carry full liability insurance, and have passed a police background check.

Now you have one more reason to feel comfortable inviting me into your homes and businesses! All you have to worry about is the cake…