Miami County Fall Farm Fest and The Tent That Blew

Last Saturday was beautiful and breezy out at Lost Creek Reserve. Emily and I arrived early to give us plenty of time to set up and make our spot pretty. It looked great!

face painting tent setup
Homemade windcatcher

When we initially set up, the breeze was pretty light so we put up curtains for traffic flow. It has worked great in the summer. The autumnal winds picked up 15 minutes after this picture was taken and lifted our tent out of the ground, sending it cartwheeling toward the pumpkin patch. Thankfully, our large tent/kite took flight before the event opened so nobody was in it’s flight path. One of the legs crumpled. One kindly early-bird family saw our predicament and helped us capture it and set our area to rights. Thank you, mystery family!

sugar skull face paint

Once families started to trickle in, we stayed busy the entire time! As soon as we caught up, another group would get in line. 🙂 It was great!  After two or three hours, I started to lose feeling in my fingers from exposure to the wind and cold water. My super terrific husband brought us hand warmers so I could hold those after painting each kiddo. Those saved me.

face painting kit setup
That’s me. Cold.

Emily tried her hand at line managing instead of painting this time. She did beautifully. She took payments and wrote their choice on a post-it. All I had to do was read and paint. It saved a bunch of time between kids. Emily even played games like Simon Says with everyone in line to make the wait easier. She had both parents and children smiling and laughing.

line manager face painting
Emily. Also cold.

We painted a total of 7 1/2 hours and made a record number of sales. The clouds were closing in and the wind picked up even more as we packed up.  Our faces were windburned and our fingers were icy, but we went home happy with the day. We put lots of happy smiles onto kid’s faces. The Lost Creek Reserve was beautiful. The event staff were helpful and friendly. Definitely going back next year! My only regret is not taking more pictures. Here are a couple that I did manage to take:

DSCN2146 DSCN2149 DSCN2140 tree fall autumn face paint

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