I am having So Much Fun with all the painting requests this Halloween! Here are a few I’ve done this past week:

How cute is this mother and son?! Er, witch and tin soldier!

witch tin soldier face paint DSCN2173 witch face paint shinyfaces.com witch tree face paint shinyfaces.com

This Minecraft Creeper was done in two minutes! They were late for a party so I just painted this little guy and his brother as fast as possible.

creeper face paint

This fall fairy took a bit more time because I had no idea what I was going to paint and I extemporize very slowly. Luckily, this gal is not a six year old and can sit still! I wasn’t sure if I liked it until I added the bright green highlights and gold Liquid Bling. Then I loved it. You can’t tell in the picture, but the golden brown base is actually a shimmer base. So pretty.

Fall fairy face paint

What do you get when you are running late for a party and still building costumes for six people? A quickie sugar skull. Here’s a picture of myself after the party. Ignore the hair.